can i mod a pace 4000 remote


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Oct 22, 2005
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to work my 1000 box-i know the old ones will work sammys but aint seen owt bout these
a standard pace 4000 will work with either type of remote - assuming you have one with the silver volume channel buttons which do NOT wrap around the sides of the box then it souldn't matter if it's a blue one or a grey one for the 4000; however only the grey one will work on a 1000. However, you can convert blue to grey by removing a link on the board (looks like a surface mount resistor with '0' on the top, i.e. is effectively a link) which goes to one of the pins on the right of the chip on the remote (pin 17? can't remember), and vice versa make a grey into a blue by soldering the link in.
sorry its a blue one with silver channel and page buttons down the side and a green power button
ok ive done as bammy said-now i have a dead remote
can you post a pic of what you've done?
here u go removed ressistor with o on
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