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can anyone explain what is IPTV please is it worth getting ?

Discussion in 'The Internet Uncovered' started by ttony, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. ttony

    ttony VIP Member

    ok ive seen on other sites people talking about this , and that it can be installed on a Samsung tv , which ive done . they seem to be going to sell the channels or provide them some how to tvs if they have the mac address of the tv , would this work ??, or is there a better way to get the channels??? . would it be better to buy a box with the channels already loaded on it , if so what one ?? , pm me the box if not aloud in the forum .

  2. digi247

    digi247 VIP Member

    If you already have the Samsung or LG smart TV that can use the IPTV App then there is no need for another box they both work the same way, They ask for the MAC address so they can add that to there own portal which gives you access to all the channels,EPG,VOD etc..
  3. ttony

    ttony VIP Member

    ok thanx

    pm sent
  4. willin

    willin New Member

    I've done similar to [MENTION=8606]ttony[/MENTION] installed the IPTV app on my LG smart tv and got the TV mac address etc, could [MENTION=75986]digi247[/MENTION] or someone advise further as I haven't got much idea of how to set this up.
  5. idrob

    idrob VIP Member

  6. willin

    willin New Member

    Cheers for that [MENTION=73409]idrob[/MENTION], would it be too much to ask for the latest channel list.
  7. avid

    avid VIP Member

    The free channel lists are unreliable but there may be the odd good one if someone will share it with you. If you want a good reliable list you need to subscribe to a paid service.
  8. idrob

    idrob VIP Member

    There are some kind people that provide a nice channel list and update it on a regular basis for free

    The list is for satellite receivers but as they are in m3u format you can use them anywhere

    Click the link below to find them on google

  9. willin

    willin New Member

    OK mate thanks,
    is that the way to upload the list onto the TV? and I assume converting the list to LTF 8 file is easy?
  10. digi247

    digi247 VIP Member

    Here is xxxxxxsathobby's latest list from the 11th of this month, personally if you want something stable you have to pay the same as you do with satellite or cable

    Attached Files:

  11. willin

    willin New Member

    Cheers digi, most of the channels don't work but some do which proves it works, as you say a pay sub would be better.
  12. ttony

    ttony VIP Member

    have a sub now , I must say the picture quality is excellent .. well happy
  13. cctaz

    cctaz New Member

    channel on free iptv is difficult to have, and the "m3u list" must be change every day. Pay is the best solution for working channel.
    Google is yours friend
  14. six2

    six2 New Member

    how you getting on with your sub ttony? is it still stable etc etc im looking at going down this root as my sat box has give up the ghost an kodi seems too unreliable theses days for sports.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
  15. lescantle

    lescantle New Member

    My provider has all the channels in HD and includes catch up and vod and rock solid service and great price to
  16. ttony

    ttony VIP Member

    very good six2 I mainly use it to watch the football , the 3 o clock kickoffs and the other football that is played at different times , it also has vod with loads of movies , if you want info message me ...

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