box not resetting


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Jul 20, 2005
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i have a di1010t which states on the front it is for tw. i am in a tw area. when i plug the box into my cable feed, it trys to update but eventually says tune. i have done some reading and have come to the conclusion that this is due to the box having the incorrect NET ID.

i have pulled the red jumper out but this doesn't reset the box. when i connect the box to my pc and try to change the NETID using LibDebug, i get a comms fail error. so i cannot change the NETID.

any ideas???

also what is the correct way of resetting the box using the red jumper method??? i.e. do you switch the box on while the jumer is out, or do you take the jumer out, wait a few seconds, put the jumer back in and then switch the box on.

Sorry about the essay, but any ideas???
have you checked in the engineers menu to see what your net id is set to.
I can't get into the engineers menu, when i switch the box on, while holding the relevant buttons, the box still goes to the update bit. is there a way to force it to the engineers menu???