bluetooth on samsung tv

johnny bravo

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Dec 8, 2005
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hi guys - i want to use my sony wireless bluetooth headphones on my samsung smart doesnt have bluetooth inbuilt, the panel at the back is as in picture..can i connect my bluetooth sony headphones to it ? tv model iS UE42F5500AK

Do you get some type of base unit with the bluetooth headphones? I've just set a sound bar up with a similar tv and used the optical out that sound bar had the option of bluetooth. Did you get a usb dongle with the earphones or a base unit? There is also an earphone out socket on the back of that tv in the picture above.
no mate , no base unit,, just standard bluetooth headphones, basically i want to use my wireless headphones at night when watching a movie as i dont want to disturb anyone with the volume on the tv being too loud..
thanks guys, yes something like that should do it...looking on ebay now...ta