Antiference hdmi matrix


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Jan 23, 2014
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I currently have a antiference hdmi splitter, 1x4 box. I have direct hdmi going to 2x bedroom and have hdmi30 extenders for kitchen with 2x cat6 in between.

my sky box is in the attic, I only have a magic eye for the bedroom. You get a rx and tx IR kit from antiference. I bought another RX for the bedroom thinking it would work but it doesn't. Why is this, I can only assume the TX needs to be in place above. How on earth can I get two eyes positioned in front of sky box IR

i want to upgrade to a 2x4 hdmi matrix, this one

Antiference HDMI Matrix Switch (2 Input 4 Output)

with a sky box and android TV box in attic, direct hdmi to 2x bedrooms and hdmi extenders for kitchen and living room

am I going to have the same problems with magic eye function, it does appear that the matrix box has 4 magic Ir ports and another port just under.

does anyone how these work?