Diplex analogue and digital


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Jan 23, 2014
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I want to distribute sky tv through my house using my coax splitter box. I only have the freeview cable coming to my living room and its not possible to run another cable...

Ive used my freeview cable as the distribution cable and now I have sky in all rooms but since ive taken out the roof aerial coax from the UHF port and put in freeview cable from living room into my splitter box it means I have no freeview in any rooms.

Im thinking of ordering one of these diplexers, I think it will work because i will be splitting analogue and digital which are on different frequencies but Im just wondering if there will be any signal loss or if there is a better diplexer to get...

Basically I just plug roof aerial coax and living room distribution cable into double end and single end, a short coax to UHF.

It says this splitter has power pass so expect my magic eyes to work...

Not 100% sure what you are actually doing or have done.

Mixing satellite with freeview using a diplexer will work, although you need another diplexer to split it again at the other end of the single coax you'll be using.

You can mix freeview with the rf output from a sky box providing the frequencies don't clash

And for that matter, you can mix all 3 on one coax .. the diplexer is just needed to join and split satellite & rf (freeiew &/or an rf channel)

If you are just combining freeview & an rf channel you use a basic rf combiner .. very similar to a standalone diplexer but check the frequencies. . It will cause a small signal loss.

The way it's usually done if there was an extra cable is aerial down to lounge .. into tv in on the sky box, rf out up to loft box / rf distribution amp

Hopefully the info you want is in there somewhere
Yea it must be an RF combiner I need them.

I only have one coax cable to work with in living room, so it needs to provide freeview and distribute sky.

So will combine it at splitter box so both aerial coax and RF out coax can be plugged into UHF port
Is your sky box going through a RF modulator? So you just want a simple Coax combine.