A few TM questions


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Nov 21, 2005
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This is my first post so I hope I am not re-asking questions here.

I have just got and setup a TM1500+ Super with a motorised 80cm dish.

I am currently blind searching the satellites and trying to sort them out. I have downloaded the channel editor but it doesnt let you delete channels, is there a way of doing this on a PC? as it is very frustrating trying to sort channels on the TM box and hearing the motor whirring back and forth. Or has anyone got any good tips on sorting (deleting & organising) the channels after a blind search.
Also I saw the channel list available here for download has different favourite catergories, does this mean there is a different editor available (I have 1.3)?

Thanks for any help


PS: Is there a way of getting the SIS channels on Sirius 5E ? As I believe they are the channels the bookies show. Also with regard to sports, which are the best channels to watch boxing on? more specifically the Hatton fight on saturday night.
Hi there

The way I arrange my channels is to do the Blind Search and then once finished to delete the channels individually via the sat menu.

Digidude has already provided a pre-made 'Channel list' on this forum which you could use as a starting point as he has channels already organised into favourites, which is extremely useful.

Also I have PC sat card and have found on the net channels already grouped so I can use that as a starting point for organising channels.

Regarding 5e, in the latest keyfile 24/11/05 , all I can see is SVT Europa and ViaSat Europe entries listed. If you look at the thread, 'Channels viewable.....pirate solution...' there's a file attached which shows you the channels you should be able to recieve with/without an OPOS v1.05 card.


BTW If you do find an easier way to organise your 'FAVS' keep us posted!