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Routers 5ghz wifi problem

Discussion in 'Wired and Wireless Networking' started by shaun127, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. shaun127

    shaun127 VIP Member

    I have ee broadband and have one of the ee brightboxes. Up till a couple of days ago I could pick up the 5ghz wifi and the 2.5 on all capable devices in all areas of my home, now no device can see the 5ghz wifi, router no been moved , nothing changed, just been into router settings and its still enabled etc but not getting picked up.

    Anyone any experience of this?
  2. avid

    avid VIP Member

  3. shaun127

    shaun127 VIP Member

    [MENTION=4365]avid[/MENTION] tried all that previous to posting, Cheers Bud
  4. sneaker

    sneaker VIP Member

    Sounds like their issue, I'd be ringing them saying there is a modem/router fault. Highly unlikely all Your devices have gone faulty on 5ghz.
  5. freddj

    freddj New Member

    Have you named your 5Ghz SSID differently from the 2.4 ?
  6. Atechguy

    Atechguy New Member

    As Freddj said SSID ,make sure its turned on , and change RF channels to higher channels, narrow the beam signal,, 5 gh is not as strong as 2.4.
  7. r4y30n

    r4y30n New Member

    There are some good utilities for scanning the wifi environment, this will let you use channels you know are clear rather than hoping for the best. As for bandwidth, 5G is no weaker than 2.4G per se, it's just that high frequencies have a shorter range. That's just physics, happens with light, sound, radio waves...

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