1. Arthur Daley

    Problem with several Firesticks got me stumped.

    Hi guys, I have a very strange problem with my firesticks that I noticed yesterday. On first bringing them out of sleep, after many days of not being used, they appeared as normal with all the usual menu items and of course Kodi, terrarium TV, etc. icons but once I went to settings, device then...
  2. buzzer


    whats best to put on firesticks for watching films and channels like discovery channels etc? i'm having no joy at all with kodi , seems to be more bother than its worth... so whats everyone using?
  3. shabbaranks

    IPTV Software for firestick which you can add m3u's on

    Hi, I use smart iptv for my TV to add an M3U onto which will then load my streams. What I want to do is add that M3U to my firestick and was wondering what everyone would recommend please? I cant use smart iptv (as far as I know) as you can only use 1 device per license and I don't want to...
  4. shabbaranks

    What apps you running on your firestick?

    Hi, Just curious what apps your running on your firesticks? Ive got terrarium tv - any other suggestions? Thanks
  5. sneaker

    Firestick £24.99

    Black Friday deal from Amazon HERE. Curry's HERE Maplin HERE I've sure there are more places like argos etc.
  6. Grimeire

    Amazon Fire TV AMAZON Fire TV Stick vs alternatives

    Hey guys, Im going to invest in an android box for streaming/plex. From being on the forum i notice a lot of people recommend the fire stick and i can see why they are dirt cheap. but i have a few questions. 1. Im curious are these sluggish as they dont seem to be very powerful from looking...
  7. dar1437

    Ethernet on Firesticks

    This all-in-one adapter is the easiest way to add Ethernet to the Amazon Fire TV Stick