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VU+image OpenDroid vu+zero 2017-06-25

No permission to download

New Images Opendroid V.4.2

New Robe Graphics Images OpenDroid 4.2

Image: OpenDroid 4.2
Enigma: 23/09/2014

** Creators image Opendroid **
Team-DroidSat ** Added **

New New New !!! OpenDroid Images (includes InfoPanel Mod. Opendroid) **

New: Splash series Astract OpenDroid
New: bootlogo series Astract OpenDroid
New: Skin Default Nowa32_Mod arthur
New Local Feed Opendroid
New: OpenDroid Images (includes Autosetting Vhannibal)
New: OpenDroid Images (includes OpenMultiboot)
New: OpenDroid Images (includes FullBackup)
New: OpenDroid Images (includes Flash Online)
New: New List Hotbird 13 east of Default
New: New Picon OpenDroid.
New: Spinner Opendroid.

Map Quick Keys:

Red button: GraphMulti EPG
Green button: Plugins
Blue button: MultifunctionOpenDroid-Team-Recommended not to do software update On-Line !!!
possibly use the Image in flash

Click this Link to Download File:
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