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M3u To Bouquet Converter Plugin (m2b-0.5-r0) 2017-06-25

M3u To Bouquet Converter Plugin (m2b-0.5-r0)

  1. bobby123
    ftp m3u to media/hdd goto plugins start 2booms m3u/xml bouquet converter plugin

    Select path should be media/hdd
    Select m3u/xml file should show your m3u
    Select type press right to change to Gstreamer (this maybe different for your m3u so try others)
    Leave password blank unless you've been given one by your iptv provider

    Press green to save you should have a message saying please wait converting your m3u

    Now exit and it should say reloading services

    If it worked you should now have your m3u in a bouquet.

    thanks dsayers2014

    Click this Link to Download File:
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