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XCplugin-IPTV v.4.0 2017-07-02

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XCplugin Lululla Mod. E2 Plugin v. 4.0 01/06/2017

XCplugin Version config file .xml v. 4.0

Conversion File Type MPEG to Ts

Current Service Type: 4097

Config Movie Folder /media/hdd

Config Folder file xml /etc/enigma2/xc

Skin Mods By: MMARK, Info:

Plugin modded from Lululla

Which thanks CorvoBoys –

and Diamondear, MMark, Rubeni, Bliner_Key, Pcd, M2boom, Pauldb, Daimon

and all those who participated and others I forgot to mention.

*** Please report any bugs you find ***

For more plugin information, visit:


Set your server in config menu or edit file xc_plugin.xml”

-Set Your Service Type:

You can use 4097 or 5002 by setting in Config Menu:

4097 for Mediaplayer and Gstreamer-dvbmediasynk

5002 for Exteplayer3 using ffmpeg.

Naturally, if you have installed Serviceapp in the enigma2 settings, when setting to use the original player.


-TV: Reload Server List: reload channel list from server set

-Switch: Server: Change the Server menu_config/folder.

You can have 1 server only in Config Menu or Multiserver with the xc_pluginXXX.xml files found in the /etc/enigma2/xc

-Configuration folder: It is important that the files start with xc_ and end with .xml”

-PVR: Open MediaCenter – PlaylistFolder

-Button 0 : M3uLoad.

Configured in Config Menu: Opens the download list. Opens the list of .m3u files downloaded during conversion. Opens the list of video recordings.

-Button REC: Download/Record Select Channel to the Job

-Create Bouquet List: This function converts the server list to a favorite bouquet channel list of the type configured in Config Menu (mpegts/m3u)with epg and logos.

-Back To Video: You return to the displayed video if the channel list opens during playback.

-Help: This informations


-M3uPlayer: Yellow Button = Downloaded List File Video and Registration – Green Button = Playlist Folder\nBlue Button: AutoPlay/Restart/Timeshift.

-Button 8 = Download Select Video.

Notes: Skin oDreamy-FHD remove XCplugin skin in /modules/skin_plugins.xml
for this skin and Egami Image
put attached skin_plugins.xm in
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