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VTi "Vu+ Team Image" Duo - v. 6.0.6 - 10-03-2014 2017-06-25

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VTi "Vu+ Team Image" Duo - v. 6.0.6 - 10-03-2014

- increase image version --> VTi 6.0.6
- update drivers (2014-03-10)

Fix PCM MultiChannel problem(solo2, duo2)
Fix vtuner PIP
Fix Dual tuner loop-through input from single tuner(duo2, ultimo)
Support blindscan(solo2, experimental)
Support both SCART & HDMI audio in passthrough mode.(uno, ultimo, solo2, duo2)
Fix no audio problem in some radio channels
Support PCM Multi Channel(solo2, duo2)
Fix timeshift problem
Support dynamic contrast in PEP
Turn on PQ Enhancement by default
Add more PQ enhancement proc entries(solo2, duo2)
Fix vtuner problem when RestartGUI
Fix some CI modules recognition problem

- update dvbapp2 (2014-03-10)

support scaling of png files (e.g picons, see corresponding config)
support movie cover in movie list ("cover" code taken from EMC)
support picons in movie list
allow deleting of movies without confirmation question (see corresponding config)
add some styling options for movie list (VTi style)
set some default functions to color buttons in movie list
add option to append record date at the end of the record file name
add options to ParentalControl to protect different Screens (setup, movie list, timers ...)
rework of main menu entries
ignore reminder timer at timer sanity checks
allow standby in movie list
fix bug at service list when parental control and preview mode is enabled

- update skin AtileHD (ver. 1.7)
- update plugin OpenWebIF (ver. [IMG]resource://***pe_ff_extension-at-jetpack/***pe_ff_extension/data/call_***pe_logo.png[/IMG]0.2.7 2014-03-06)
- update plugin AutoShutDown (ver. 0.6-r7)
- update plugin VPS (ver. 2014-03-10)

ignore reminder timer
- update VTiPanel (ver. 2.11)

rework of VTi news, (view per update, show only updates for the STB in use)
support automatic update notification (default: check every 8h)

- update plugin Blindscan (solo2, 2014-03-10)
- update transtreamproxy (solo2, duo2)
- update skin Black White HD (ver. 1.1)
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