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sattv5 update2 2017-06-25

sattv5 update2

  1. mahrkpat
    Moved Frequency Channels Updates 04/10/2013 update 2

    Over 150 TV & Radio Channels Moved Today

    When wanting to type in a channel e.g 101 or 401 why do i get "no such channel" ??

    Press the ok button, then press the red button then select All.
    Then when you come out of that press 101 or 401 and hey presto you should then get the full list of channels.

    What boxes will this list work on ?

    The Channel List is suitable for Openbox/Skybox S9, S10, S11, S12, M3, X3,F3, F3s F4, F5 & F5s

    My Favourites are all wrong since I loaded your list how do i fix them ?

    The way to get The favourites under the correct headings is to load the default Database:
    On the remote select Menu > Factory Settings > Select Yes > Then Press Blue
    The screen will flash black and you will be back at the menu. If you check your favourites now they should all be in the correct order

    Your channel list hasn't installed when I press info there was a comment like " file not found" or something similar ?
    Try The following:

    Check you have unzipped the channel list from the zip file
    Make sure that TP_Prog.dbs is on the root of your flash drive
    Redownload the list using a different web browser

    What's the favourites.jpg for in the zip file ?

    It's just to show you what your favourites list on your box should be labelled like

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