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pauldb's HDMU Alien2 backup 2017-06-25

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new backup for HDMU set to 720p 50hz

based on HDMU 12378 for the alien2

extract file and install what ever method you see fit

This is the MAXI backup cable and sat

twin tuner set up for 28.2e and third tuner for cable


autobouquets sat set to granada HD change how you see fit

autobouquets cable set to your net id in plugin (change slightly so i hope it doesnt clash with sat)


cooltvguide (6.1) only cause it doesnt crash the box, version 7.0 works but does crash on pressing menu

epgrefresh set to cable epg pvr channel in morning so you get a full epg 7 days on cable

crossepg including fix for hard drive

piconpath set set to hard drive or usb ,just to save space on flash (so no picons in image or flash you need your own)

removed HDMU media center (can be put back in through plugins)

kr carbo hd skin installed

sly hd skin by chabba modded by me to include weather and a few minor fixes

added virtual zap (just press left and right)

tvdb and tmdb plugins

channel selection added (can view next epgs on channel selection screen)

weather plugin (will need to set location in plugin set to manchester)

if you want the same effect you will have to used the modded xpicons resized to fit the image these here

not loaded any ondemand,tsmedia etc just because they change so quickly best to add yourself


managed to record both sat and cable at same time

oscam.server file in usr/keys best to edit it with your details then reboot then switch on softcam in HDMU center

set up service set to pvr-epg (just so it populates the cable channels on reboot)

many a time HDMU can be a pain, theres still little niggles in all the images they do

but here a couple of things that need doing

the hard drive has to be formatted to ext3/4 it also needs a label called "RECORD" and a folder movie

it also need the swap file activated (done in HDMU center)

anyway have a go ,any problems ill try and solve it i cant then ask HDMU,

if i can get cooltv 7.0 working without crashing the box ill upload new image

Click this Link to Download File:
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hi mahrkpat sorry to be a pain, how would i install this on my openatv 4.2 amiko 2+. i have tried putting it onto the root of a usb stick and keep getting the message "there is no displayable media on this medium"