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HDMU 11940 SBYA BACKUP Alien 8900 2017-06-25

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User = root
Password = HDMU

IP =

28.2e Sat installed

Boot log set to 'gold'. Boot video switched off.

Spinner set to off. Spinner selector plugin removed.

EPS values set to 50 within the lircd file to improve remote control performance.

Skin set to Open PLI as it still allows you to see your TV screen when browsing through the menus etc :)

Mgcamd 1.35 installed - Your details need to go in to the newcamd.list file.

Clearmem plugin installed and set to timeout every 5 mins.

Autobouquets installed and set for Central SD (child friendly)

CrossEPG installed and 3 file fix applied so it saves to disk.

HDD Manager plugin installed Note - I have managed to set it up so that the EPG saves to it but I've not tested the timer record function. Instant record seems to work but i don't record very often if at all so left it, as primary concern was to get EPG saving to disk.

Swapfile is switched on at 128mb and set to be used during boot. Not sure what that actually does or helps with but did it anyway :)

Picons added with RATS Picon updater installed and working.

TS Media 4.2 installed - I use this version as i know the 'watchseries' works for me :)

I think that pretty much covers it. Feel free to add to it as you wish as its a good place to start.

All credit goes to SBYA

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