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Retrogamefan Multi Cart Update 6.75 2017-06-25

Retrogamefan Multi Cart Update 6.75 for various cards (r4 clones, m3 dstt), please seed read me for list of compatable cards.

cracking bit of kit, can breath new life into a multitude of otherwise useless cards and is updated regularly.

big thanks to the authors of this package for all their time and effort...


EUR - Imagine Dream Resort
JPN - Inazuma Eleven 3 The Ogre 1.0 (J)(ENG PATCHED)
EUR - Inazuma Eleven (Remastered)
USA - Imagine Resort Owner
EUR- Captain America Super Soldier
USA- Captain America Super Soldier
EUR - Dora and Friends Pet Shelter
USA - Hoppie
USA - ZombieZ Seeker
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