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Retrogamefan Multi Cart Update 6.75 2017-06-25

Retrogamefan Multi Cart Update 6.75

  1. buzzer
    Retrogamefan Multi Cart Update 6.75 for various cards (r4 clones, m3 dstt), please seed read me for list of compatable cards.

    cracking bit of kit, can breath new life into a multitude of otherwise useless cards and is updated regularly.

    big thanks to the authors of this package for all their time and effort...


    EUR - Imagine Dream Resort
    JPN - Inazuma Eleven 3 The Ogre 1.0 (J)(ENG PATCHED)
    EUR - Inazuma Eleven (Remastered)
    USA - Imagine Resort Owner
    EUR- Captain America Super Soldier
    USA- Captain America Super Soldier
    EUR - Dora and Friends Pet Shelter
    USA - Hoppie
    USA - ZombieZ Seeker