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Beta Firmware GW 2.0b2 and Manuals 2017-06-25

No permission to download
warning, gateway had added hidden code is this release which could brick your console whether you are using an original card or clone.
use at your own risk

Gateway v2.0b2, public beta.

What's new?

* Many stability improvements over previous beta release
* Full support for firmware 7.1 (including saving and emunand GW3D indicator, etc.)

Please note emunand is not essential for latest title compatability!
For the time being we advise only those with adequate knowledge to attempt to update emunand to latest firmware and
make sure you always have atleast a hard backup copy of the system nand.

Consider this release as a stop-gap release before the 2.0 final, which will bring
exciting new features that are currently being heavily tweaked and optimized.
First release
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