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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] OpenVPN - VPN Chance Plugin 2017-09-02

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OpenVPN - VPN Chance Plugin

Now there is the ingenious plugin "VPN Config Wechsler", which the user seidy has created and will continue to support.

What makes the plugin:
- The VPN configs previously created on the hard drive are changed to the etc / openvpn folder at the push of a button.
- It also shows the IP address assigned now.
- The remaining VPN start and stop functions can also be regulated.


- On your hard drive / usb stick / network disk or whatever you create the folder vpn (path media / hdd / vpn)
- In the folder vpn create your additional folder with the data of your VPN server
- Example folder: VPNSchweiz with the contents ch7.conf and auth.txt
- If you want to have the folder elsewhere, you can also change the path in the plugin with the green button.

The installation should be clear.
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