1. Grimeire

    Configure OPENVPN server in under 5 minutes

    Came across this tutorial while writing a script to automate the user credential creation in OpenVPN, this script can auto deploy and configure an OPENVPN server for you. It is very handy even if you have a OpenVpn server already configured as it can allow you to generate new user credentials...
  2. Grimeire

    HideMyAss VPN - 2 Year sub for $55

    As the title says hide my ass VPN only $55 for a 2 year sub. I used them in the past and they were good but a bit expensive at €8 per month. at the above price i couldn't complain. One of PC Mag's Top 10 VPNs of 2018 Details & Requirements Unlimited bandwidth Browse w/ up to 2 devices at...
  3. dar1437

    Zgemma and OpenVPN

    I've been trying to sort out OpenVPN on my Zgemma, with OpenATV6.1 and PIA. I've followed the instruction (textbook) but i'm not sure that it's working? Sometimes when i click start, it says running, and other times it does nothing. It was doing the same things when i was using the wrong...
  4. AJT

    Install Open vpn on enigma 2 boxes.

    Install a VPN on your enigma 2 box After alot of searching I have discovered this and it works 100% Any virgin lines still work fine as does any blocked should it get us around the IP blocking for the football etc.. First of all install openvpn on your box where it is depends on your...
  5. Ferret

    [E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] OpenVPN - VPN Chance Plugin 2017-09-02

    OpenVPN - VPN Chance Plugin Now there is the ingenious plugin "VPN Config Wechsler", which the user seidy has created and will continue to support. Quote: What makes the plugin: - The VPN configs previously created on the hard drive are changed to the etc / openvpn folder at the push of a...