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Opendroid.4.0.SIM2.OE2.0.DM800Hd.SSL84D.24.04.2014 2017-06-25


  1. bobby123
    Opendroid.4.0.SIM2.OE2.0.DM800Hd.SSL84D.24.04.2014 .byHouara.Clone

    roidSat-Team Presenta New Images OpenDroid 4.0

    Hardware: DM800HD - 4.0
    Immagine: OpenDroid 4.0
    Enigma: 2014-04-24

    **Creatori immagine Oendroid**


    **OpenDroid Images (include CrossEPG) **

    New: Bootlogo serie OrangE OpenDroid
    New: Skin di Default Army_MoodBlue_mod Opendroid
    New: Local Feed Opendroid
    New:OpenDroid Images (include plugin-extensions-addonopendroid)
    New:OpenDroid Images (include fullbackup)
    New:OpenDroid Images (include Flash Online)
    New:Nuova Lista HotBird 13 est di Default
    New:Nuovo Picon OpenDroid
    New:Nuovo Spinner Opendroid
    appa Hot Keys:

    Red Button: GraphMulti EPG
    Green button: Plugins
    Blue button: Multifunction

    We thank the developers of the image Opendroid, or e-alliance and all betatesters for alerts.
    NB: Not all third-party plugins have been tested and are guaranteed to be compatible
    NOTE: Because there is not any kind of official support for these receptors Opendroid-Team will deploy custom images using only our server addons that reflects the standard server Opendroid and allow online updates when available.

    Click this Link to Download File:
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