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lameboy ds 0.12 2017-06-25

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lameboy is a gameboy emulator for dslite/dsi/3ds.


Lameboy DS

== Installation ==
- patch lameboy.nds file with proper flash driver (unless your card firmware
does it for you)
- copy patched lameboy.nds to your flash device
- copy roms to any folder on the flash (default is "lameboy")

== Menu Keys ==
Up, Down - previus/next rom/option
Left, Right - prevoius/next page, change option
A - select
B - parent directory
L/R - change menu page

== Ingame Keys ==
Up, Right, Left, Down, A, B, Start, Select - maps to GB keys
X/Y - configurable
L - fast mode (no frame sync and renders only every 8th frame)
R/Touch - show menu

== Menu Options ==
Exit - saves RAM or state and exits to rom selction
Continue - hide menu (also A on top menu bar)
Save - saves RAM (.sav) or state (.lsX)
Load - loads state
Delete state - removes current save state slot
State slot - chooses between save slots or simple RAM save
Exit without save - exits to rom selection
Reset - resets Game Boy

X Y Keys - X/Y keys function
L Key - fast key type (classic / toggle)

GBC - GameBoy Color emulation (Never - disable, If Needed - only in GBC
exclusive games, Always - all games that support GBC)
SGB - Super GameBoy emulation
Rumble - Enable rumble emulation (additional slot 2 hardware required)
Test rumble - Set rumble on for about 1s

GB Colors - Selects color scheme for monochrome games
Vertical Pan - non scaled GB screen vertical position (useful with SGB borders)
Game Screen - Switch top/bottom DS screens function
Scale - selects scaling mode
Scaling Filter - enables bilinear filtering
Show FPS - enables fps counter

Save Settings - saves menu settings
Default Settings - reset to default menu settings

credit to the author and magical beef for finding it.. :)
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