1. Grimeire

    [E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] enigma2-plugin-extensions-camofs_16.93_all.ipk.rar 16.93_all.ipk

    This is not the latest version but the app has in app updates so you can update once installed. This can be used to view your CCTV video streams. It supports the vast majority of CCTV cam/DVRs. Features: – Picture in Picture – Display of any number of network cameras – name URLs, e.g. dyndns –...
  2. B

    cache flush on h2h

    hi I recently made my own atv6.1 build. previously I been using other peoples builds and noticed some cache flush plugin cant remember exact name. do I need to download this thru plug-ins is it needed????
  3. Rat

    Zgemma H5.2TC Backup plugin ?

    is there a plugin that backs up the zgemma h5.2tc on PLi 4.0 I know you can do it within software management on Open ATV which I have done successfully but cant find where on PLi Ive read BackUpSuite doesn't work Thanks
  4. Ferret

    [E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] IPTVPlayer 2017-07-17" whats new: -Fix h***:// -Remove down service