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Drivers for Vu+ Solo - Solo2 - Duo - Duo2 - Uno & 2017-06-25

Drivers for Vu+ Solo - Solo2 - Duo - Duo2 - Uno &

  1. bobby123
    update driver
    - Support more video codecs in media playback.(OE 2.1 gstreamer)
    - Reduce First picture display time(zapping time improvement : duo2, solo2)
    - Support dual transcoding(duo2, Only 2nd transcoding is mutually exclusive with PIP)
    - Improve PCM playback(solo, duo, uno, ulitmo)
    - Support 3D surround (solo, duo, solo2, duo2)
    - Support AVL(automatic volume leveler)(duo2, solo2)
    - Support more proc entries to control duo2 transcoding.(Plugin will follow)
    - Improve temperature control of dual tuner when not in use(duo2, uno, ultimo)
    - FPGA update in solo2(done automatically in the first bootup after installation)
    - Fix EOS deteciton in media(PCM) & TS playback
    - Support AAC passthrough
    - Remove unnecessary debug messages(duo2)

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