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Dreambox OptiFlasher Pro Ultimate EDition v2.0.0.9 2017-06-25

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OptiFlasher Pro Ultimate v2.0.0.9 New Release :

Upgrade Features :
-Added DM7020hd (Original) Support
-Added DM7020hd-v2 (Original) Support
-Added DM800se-V2 (Original) Support
-Added DM800se-V2 SIM2 Support
-Added DM800se-v2 [Advanced Mode1/2]
-Added DM7020hd [Advanced Mode1/2]
-Added DM7020hd-v2 [Advanced Mode1/2]
-Added SIM2 SSL84d Support
-Added DM800SEv2 New SSL88A [Advanced Mode1] SIM2
-Added DM800HD New SSL84D [Advanced Mode1/2] SIM2
-Added DM800SE New SSL84D [Advanced Mode1/2] SIM2
-Added DM500HD New SSL84D [Advanced Mode1/2] SIM2
-TSPanel Online Installer improved
-TSMedia Online Installer improved
-Added BarryAllen Online Installer-SIM2 v11.0.4.9
-Added Enigma2 Settings Installer (1 Click Work)
-Added Teledunet NileSat IPTV Installer / Updater [Adding Manual Channel Stream Url: "HTTP/RTMP"]
-Added IPTV Installer / Updater [Adding Manual Channel Stream Url: "HTTP/RTMP"]
-Added Enigma2 Skins Download Support
-Added TPM Check Removal
-Added Read IMAGE Backup (OptiFlash v1 Beta) [USB/HDD/CIFS] (No Plugins Install Required)
-OptiFlash Backup Support: DM800 , DM800se , DM500hd , DM800se-v2 , DM7020hd , DM7020hd-v2
-Added Auto Detect For USB to Uart Bridge with Port Number & Audio Notification
-Added Internal/External/ Multiboot Flashing Scenario
-Added OptiFlasher Nand Flash Image Download Center [NFIDC v2 More than 70GB of images For All Models +Updates] :
*Detection of Box & SSL in diffrent Modes [TvMode/RS232/USB]
*in case of the detected box is: [DM800hd or DM800se SIM2] then user will have choice of : DM800hd/SR3 or DM800se/SR4
*Retrieving the correct Images For your Box Before Download/Flash
*Safe Mode Flashing Notification
*Download Images From NFIDC [Nanad Flash Image Download Center]
*Auto Flash after Download [Auto/Manual
*Flashing After Download in [TvMode/RS232/USB]
-Software Interface Rebuilded
& more... to discover inside

All basic operations & SIM2 support are free !
somes features may need licence permission for full service .

Click this Link to Download File:
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