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demonisat-dm800sev2-v3.6-ramiMAHER#ssl88a 2017-06-25


  1. bobby123


    enigma2 patched :2014/03/14: by ramiMAHER

    New Default Skin Metro Color
    thanks to the author
    if you want the skin metroBlack you can download it from the panel demonisat server xml Metro Black

    Date: 2014-04-09 11:41
    Enigma2: 3.999git20140314-r11.1
    Distro: opendreambox 2.0.0
    Machine: Dreambox dm800sev2
    MD5: 1e6c587a6e6f07c99607b1ea5a24197f
    SHA256: cb4d69d575783c926f38d9672a296a573a668f6b62500da02e 7bf3989ae7f8a1

    Genuine image with the Last CVS

    Creatori immagini
    [email protected]
    Sviluppatore del blue panel
    Beta tester
    [email protected]
    many new updates Enigma2
    potete scaricare i picon by mmark dal pannello demonisat
    New Memory Info Thanks m43c0
    New DynDNS Thanks m43c0
    Aggiunto OpenVPN Thanks m43c0
    You can download picon by mmark panel demonisat
    New bootlogo demonisat
    queste images contengono solo 3 lingue
    Italiano, inglese,Tedesco
    potete scaricare la vostra lingua preferita dal pannello demonisat

    if you want to download other plugins go
    menu / plugin
    Manage extensions
    these images contain only 3 languages
    Italian English Deutsch
    you can download your preferred language from the panel demonisat

    Added language Brazilian downloaded from the panel demonisat


    Raccomandiamo di non fare aggiornamento software
    possibilmente mettere immagine in flash
    si ringrazia gli autori dei vari plugin skin patch etc etc
    We recommend not to do software update
    possibly to put image in flash
    we thank the authors of the various plugins skin patches etc etc
    New Blue Panel demonisat
    You'll find everything you need
    for the operation of the image

    to download from the panel demonisat put the DHCP automatically
    About to more than one satellite is set to expert enable multiple bouquets
    menu, settings, system, customize
    set of expert

    Per poter scaricare dal pannello demonisat dovete mettere il DHCP in Auto !!
    impostare su esperto é abilitare multiple bouquet
    impostare su esperto

    thanks to the authors of the various skin patch plugins etc etc !!

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