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BlackHole SKY Skin By Fraggle121 2017-06-25

BlackHole SKY Skin By Fraggle121

  1. bobby123
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    BlackHole SKY Skin By Fraggle121

    these are the screens that have been skinned
    its mainly for viewing tv channels i have to sort the setting screens next.

    2nd infobar
    channel select
    plugin browser
    graphic multi epg
    boutaque screen
    menu screens
    about screen
    event view
    shutdown/reboot screen
    timeshift screen
    movie player infobar
    bh blue panel/cam screen
    bh green panel/plugins
    movie selection file browser

    the following icons have also been done

    volume bar

    if u are going to give this a try please make sure u have made a backup incase u suffer any problems,
    this has been tested on blackhole 2.1.5.ive noticed on the image i use the epg description did not show on second infobar no matter what skin i tried so if it works ok for u please let me know.

    also for some reason i had to resize my picon to 148x89
    i have provided the picons i use until i have found a way to sort the picon problem out.
    it may be somthing simple will sort it.

    how to install
    the file from the folder go to

    the renders and the converters go in the following usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/ u will see the render and converter folder place the files in the corect folders.

    the Sky Blackhole folder goes into /usr/share/enigma2/

    the fonts files gointo /usr/share/fonts/

    the picons on my box goes in to the /usr/share/enigma2/ folder

    heres the file

    i was unable to upload my resized picons so if u want to use this skin and have it look ok u will need to resize your picons untill i have sorted a fix for it...‚Äč

    Click this Link to Download File:
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