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AutoBouquets E1 28.2E (By Lraizer @ UKCVS) 2017-06-25

No permission to download
By Lraizer @UKCVS
Some contribution by PaphosAl.

Here is AutoBouquets E1 28.2E plugin that works on OpenPli dm500s image
(Should also work on other pcc stb based images, but not tested on any)(*Tested on TM 500 Super with use of frontend trial)

The coding is not finished and some options in the menu don't work yet.
It is still only a "BETA TESTING version, use at own risk of losing your bouquets.
Best to backup any existing bouquets before you transfer this package.
*It replaces existing bouquets.
*Not official numbering

install all files to their relevant folders
(You only need the /var/lib/libstdc++.so.6 if the plugin does not work without it)(*TM500 Super required it)

chmod 755 all files in /var/bin/ with telnet command:
chmod 755 /var/bin/*

reboot box

zap to any active 28.2E service so that you are currently viewing a working channel

press yellow button for AutoBouquets E1 28.2E PPanel GUI, setup your options, not all options are working yet.

press download bouquets and select your local area, go put the kettle on...
as scanning will take just under 2 minutess, so can be done during the ad breaks while making a cup of tea

autobouqets e1 also generates an up to date channels.uk file in /var/etc/ for use with weekepglog plugin

FrontEnd Missing
If the panel does not show up. eg on a TM 500 Super, then extract "AB E1 plugin frontend trial" and send files to correct locations and repeat steps 2 and 3 above. If using the frontend trial, the default location for generated bouquets is London. To change this, edit the file called "autoscan" located in /var/bin using a Linux compatible editor. All you have to do is add a # on one line and delete it from another.

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