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800hd cable backup 2.01 84b 2017-06-25

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800hd cable backup 2.01 84b

auto bouquets installed!IQgkHK7A!zR8MkEPWl52305V3YksHREjHlE4Jvu7qPwVxNy8j1UE

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800hd cable backup

this has epg setup and auto bouquets , u will have to change netid to your area and run autobouquet plugin

l have added picon folder too, if you open with ftp you will see it called picon2 , u can rename to picon and reboot or move to media/usb and reboot

no adjusted needed if in birmingham only picon folder

ok this is the latest image

it has the latest autobouquets lite in plugins , just pick your area and scan no need to add netid
tspanel installed
epg installed

flash from webpage , flash image and do not click reboot and then click back arrow and install 84b bootloader and then reboot

mgnamd / camm

link in notepad

heres alittle update here to edit config so this images ecm times are better
just go into
usr>keys and edit the mg_cfg file
with your ftp program and change these number over

M: { 02 } needs to be 01

C: { 02 } needs to be 01

G: { 01 } you can leave this but if you want to add a c:line in camd.list change this value to 33

K: { 02 } (explains all the issues!! this is why it was pinging every 2 seconds) it needs to be { 10 }

E: { 15 } can be 19 as the now and next cws is actually 19 but csp does not do now and next

or add this to usr>keys and overwrite!xNBhFZKQ!FrKGR11wNUemUjVV0WaR4YfiREQ4w_fqbVy6Cc3SK_8 mg_cfg file

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