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dm800se cable backup 2017-06-25

dm800se cable backup

  1. smirnoff_rules

    ccam and mgcamd

    tsmedia 8.3 ( if genesis dosnt show use green button and pick and install )
    to get 1 channel working in VM area go to tsmedia open 1 channel goto setup change first line to true then edit second line to http://primewire.unblocked.pw and save
    dflash 4.7 ( working backup maker )
    AutoBouquest c2 lite
    bbc i player
    cool tv
    PluginskinMover ( when the box is running move most of your plugins to your usb or harddrive , freedom to add loads more plugins )

    this is the 84d boot loader if your is different , flash this first dont restart box press back , flash image then back again and flash boot loader again, if your on 84d just flash.(u can see what number your on when u boot box in lcd )
    https://mega.co.nz/#!JMAFxChK!gY68Jqbm_Xvc_FHM7eh27tDPi8VLyvB_h0RfsQKwQt0 boot loader

    https://mega.co.nz/#!FAgRVIID!l8fIcFbmjRTQ2Z4B8cZ1tGyFicJ2UBINY1TkxpLaYvM image

    Click this Link to Download File:
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