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boot logo replacement tool 2017-06-25

No permission to download
bored of your boot logo ? now you can make your own in ten minutes and send to your box

Locate the .JPG that you want to use.
Open the .JPG with Photoscape or some other picture editor
Clear the checkmark “Preserve aspect ratioâ€
Set Width = 1280 px
Set Height = 720 px
Save Image with a new Name
Launch DLG
Click on the Logo with the golden cog wheel
Navigate to the Image that you have created
If the conversion works you will get a congratulations message.
If you know the IP address of the Dreambox enter it in the 1st box
and then type “root†in the USER box and “Dreambox†in the PASS box
Click the “Send as bootlogo_wait.mvi†button to change the 1st picture
Click the “Send as bootlogo.mvi†button to change the 2nd picture

Click this Link to Download File:
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just run this programme, box now stuck and wont change channels... anybody else had issues?