Thread: Warm Home Discount Scheme (rebate for some people possible)

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    Warm Home Discount Scheme (rebate for some people possible)

    Warm Home Discount Scheme

    Saw this mentioned on a local buy and sell site may be of some use to some of you hopefully or elderly family members etc

    some info below taken from EDF site but check your own suppliers site

    Energy suppliers participating in the Warm Home Discount Scheme

    The electricity suppliers involved in this scheme are:
    British Gas
    EDF Energy
    M&S Energy
    Sainsbury's Energy
    Scottish Gas
    Scottish Hydro
    Southern Electric
    Utility Warehouse

    Warm Home Discount

    What is Warm Home Discount?

    Warm Home Discount is a four year Government-led scheme, which was introduced in 2011. It involves Government and electricity suppliers working together with the aim of offering additional support to people who are at risk of being fuel poor. There’s a number of ways the scheme can offer support, including rebates.

    Warm Home Discount Rebates

    Warm Home Discount gives qualifying vulnerable customers an extra £120 towards their electricity bill. Customers receiving the guaranteed credit element of Pension Credit automatically qualify for this rebate. There’s also Warm Home Discount - Support Plus for customers in receipt of other specific state benefits. You can find more information on this below.

    Warm Home Discount – Support Plus

    To qualify for a Warm Home Discount – Support Plus rebate, you must receive one from each of the criteria sections below.

    Criteria - Section 1
    Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
    Income Support
    Income related employment support allowance.

    Criteria – Section 2
    Long Term Incapacity Benefit
    Severe Disablement Allowance
    Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for yourself
    Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for a child living with you
    Have a child who was under 5 on the 1st of April 2011 living with you (born on or after 1 April 2006)

    If you think you’re eligible for a Warm Home Discount – Support Plus rebate, you can fill out the online application form by clicking the ‘Apply now’ button at the bottom of this page. Alternatively if you’d prefer to speak to someone who can help answer any additional questions you might have, then give us a call on 0808 101 4130*. Once you’ve applied, you might be contacted by our scheme partner and asked to provide documentary evidence of the benefit you’re receiving.

    If you’re a qualifying credit customer, we’ll simply add your Warm Home Discount – Support Plus rebate to your account or if you’re a prepayment customer, we’ll send you vouchers. However, it’s important you sign up early as availability is limited.

    Warm Home Discount

    If you receive only the guaranteed credit element of Pension Credit, you automatically qualify for the Warm Home Discount rebate, so you don’t need to do anything.

    Once we receive confirmation of your eligibility from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), we’ll simply add a credit to your account or if you’re a prepayment customer we’ll send you vouchers. So, just sit back and expect £120 from us.

    If you change your electricity supplier before we pay the rebate to you, you will receive a cheque for the full amount.

    For more information on the different support options, please visit the Department of Energy & Climate Change website.

    Broader Group schemes - Department of Energy and Climate Change

    Broader Group schemes - Department of Energy and Climate Change

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    Re: Warm Home Discount Scheme (rebate for some people possible)

    This £120 payment is automatic to those on Pension Credit, but anyone else who is entitled must apply.
    So if you have been on benefit since October (Jobseekers/ESA etc) and also receive Child Tax Credit then you should apply to your Energy supplier. Remember you have paid into the system and so you are entitled to it.
    The annoying thing is those who deserve it have to chase it and are not informed about it, but those who haven't put into the system or who play the system are usually informed of what to claim for by certain organisations that are quite often government funded but are not really there for the benefit of everyone.