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    Help/advice wanted

    Hi Chaps, a young friend of my daughters has a modded xbox 360, it is an old model(i believe one of the first 360's out), not sure of which one or what drive is in the box, anyway i have burned a few back ups for him in the past and no problems, all played fine, he has since added a kinect and played brand new bought games, since then the unit no longer plays the back ups, it has never been online, do the xbox do system upgrades via games like the ps3 does.
    also can this be fixed if so is there anyone in the Leeds area who would take a look for him,and poss fix, he is willing to pay just does not want to get ripped off, i do not know anything about modding so would no know where to start, if anyone has any ideas please let me know, sorry there is little info on the xbox details, i may be able to get more info if needed.

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Help/advice wanted

    Yes the discs have the updates on , it looks like an update has restored the drive back to stock , easy to do with the correct tools.Have a read of the jungleflasher tutorial , then come back if you need anymore help.

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