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Jul 27, 2005
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Hello boy & girls,

Im from the cable section of this wonderful community.

I got an xbox about 2 years ago, im not sure how it is modded, i had it done in a place in margate, i think they changed a TSOP chip on the board, they installed a 80gb hard disk drive also. To be honest, i was more interested in the tinkering of the box and making it do things it was not designed to do (officially) rather than playing games. I was just wondering if someone could tell me whats the latest shit for these ? the last thing i done to mine was about a year ago and that was putting firefuckers disc on it, not really sure what i done, i cant remember the keystrokes or anything to make it do things, if there is a relatively newish guide on the subject could one point me there.

many thanks

If its chipped, I would look for a program called Slayer 2.6, it creates a new dashboard and OS.

It has loads of sexy features:)
If he's got the 80gb hdd I'd imagine he's got it. If you like tinkering you could try Linux out on it
Xbox media Centre is pretty good you can put all your pics, music and films plus loads of other stuff on your HD.
Yes I 2nd that, XBMC (Xbox media Center) is very good!

if you have a dbox, there is some way to make it record onto xbox i think
Thanks for the replies guys, i think i had xbox media centre on it before.......i just read a thread about modding a box with a game !!? im wondering if thats what they did to mine, how new is this process as my box was done over 2 years ago?

I DONT think i have a chip installed, just the tsop ? flashed, but rather than flash the chip on board i think they had pre flashed chips and just swapped them over, so this would be whats known as a soft mod right ?

is it the same method as described by retro using splinter cell ? i would like to try this but my splinter cell is a copy which works on my box.
Hi Loady......

Retro here...If your using a copy of SC i would say your box is modded.

One Question!!

Have the security stickers on the bottom of your box been removed or have holes in them.??
If so then your box has been opened and quite possible a chip is in there.

i know for a fact that it has been opened, i opened it myself just for the crack before i took it for modding, i will open it now, what am i looking for if it is chipped....i want to play with this box today ;)
If it is a standard Chip, you will have to remove the HDD & DVD Caddy's.

It should be just under the dvd,But you said it was done a while back so you guess is as good as mine m8.
Well i couldnt see any extra chips in there, one of them i could see had been fluxed or are some pics.
Hi M8...

Have a look at the picture ive re-uploaded,the area i have penned is the normal spot for the chip......

View attachment 9477

So looking at yours it must be softmodded.

Let me know if you need any more help.....

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i would say so, you notice the red pen you drew goes through a chip that you can see looks like its been flooded with flux to remove it, is that the tsop chip ?

Why have a chip if you can do all the same by soft modding ?

And what can i do with it now ? whats good to put on it ?
that's the tsop chip (red pen goin through it), it looks like it's had a chip on the lpc at some point too, guess the tsop fried and they replaced it
they told me that rather than flash the chip onboard they have pre flashed tsop chips which they swap i now i have a softmodded box......whats the latest shit i can put on it, like i said at the front of this post, the last thing i had on it was firefuckers disc......i want to fek about with box and see whats new for it. just point me to the goodies and ill find the tuts for it.
you can put whatever you like on it, there's about 10 diff dash's to pick from, really depends on what u like, the definitive place for xbox stuff is xbox-scene, all legal stuff is there and the rest is in the usual places.I haven't updated anything on mines in about a year, only use it for streaming stuff with xbmc.