wired/wireless network problem.


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Mar 16, 2006
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Hi Guys,
can you help me, I have quite a few items runnibg on my network, media center pc, home pc, xbox360, 2 dboxes.
my problem is this, all the above have wired connections, with static ip`s , dboxs and media cener an xbox through a network switch downstairs, they USED to go into a router (wired belkin type, which also connected to my cable modem ) everything was fine everthing talked to each other and had net access, but a xmas my father in law got my son a lptop with wifi on it, and my mate had a dlink wireless router (4 port ) so i changed the router, set it up static ip ( all my system needs to be static ) and setup the laptop, all fine execept that my home pc upstairs ( this one ime on now ) is not part of the network anymore, also in the network connections (xp) it has the network card listed but also a internet connection icon saying its a gateway, now i have never set this up to a gateway and dont know why its come up, i have deleted the network connection and he gateway, but when i reinstall they both come back, everything else on the network works fine and all talks to eachother except for this home pc,, can anyone help..

regards Paul

ps soz its a long winded one but i wanted to put as much info as poss