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Oct 27, 2005
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Ok chaps im haveing a bit of a problem with this winexporer thing as it will not open the scripts, keeps coming up saying that i ant installed microsoft script control.

Only asking as i have never tryed this winexporer thinggy befor lol , just as wll as i carnt get it to work.

:Cheers: for any info on this as its me first time.
i hed that so im using titanium 1&2 card proger im just going through it at the min
? wot do i do with the romstudio m8 as i carnt read it its not in english and wots stc10en all about, do i install stc10en on the pc and that will get me winexplorer working for me as it wont load the scripts m8.

M8 done that and programed tit , made my bin file got flash and eprom, but havent got no script in winexplorer and i carnt see where you put the eprom in as the readme ive red it says you have to load the eprom back in winexplorer and the bin i made with nagraedit.

Its lost me.
Ok ive fooked up with the scripts, ? wot the fook is loadeep.xvb and where do i get that from Arso how do you get the bin file ive made into winexplorer, there is no where m8 to put it.

This as lost me m8 now i need some one to post a tut on how to work winexplorer thingy its dun me head in, the only thing i can see you can put into it is a script and i carnt even find this loadeep.xvb.

Hope you get yours sorted m8 as you can help me out then lol.

Cheers for geting back to us nice one.
@partycan the load scripts should be in the download section and could be bundled with other software look for all you need software for programin tit1 or tit2. The bin file is inputted when you execute the loadeep script, it will ask you for that bin file you created earlier, at which point you navigate to where that file is on your machine and select it

in a good mood so heres the scripts......
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Partycan said:
? wot do i do with the romstudio m8 as i carnt read it its not in english and wots stc10en all about, do i install stc10en on the pc and that will get me winexplorer working for me as it wont load the scripts m8.

Rom studio was put there by mistake
Cant figure how 2 remove it but u may need it later
And that 1 works unlike some ive seen
The other file is the 1 u need to install
To make winexpor work
Well m8 all i get with the script you gave me is it comes up saying
script error on line 90.

Tryed 4 or 5 time and still get the error m8 on line 90 cannot read the card as it need 6 lines and it wont read none.

Im stuck now big time as i allmost had it sorted.
sorry for the lame questions but are you in phoenix mode?
I know the scripts are ok, tried and tested!!

what OS you runing on? 98/2000/XP? I have XP and run winexplorer in win98 compatiblity mode

Also your winexplorer ini could be corrupt or you may not have set your winexplorer setting to nagra_tit etc
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Ok m8, me os is windows me, elvis has bin in phoenix all the time as ive programed a tit 100's of time for sat tv, me winex has bin set to nagra tit all the time, Its a blue tit 1 card and has os 1.06 in it. Tit has programed every time ok as well.

So u tell me m8 wots rong ? wot is the ini as i carnt see that on me desk .

Will have a nouther go m8 but keep geting this error on line 90 thing.
Script Error on Line 90
Sc.Read: Timeout Reading Data From Card - 6 Bytes Requested, 0 Bytes Read

This is wot i keep geting m8.
used to get that doin a tit 2, shut down any other running programms. Dont know if it will work but its worth a try m8
No m8 ive been having a go all fookin day and can say its one of 2 things m8. It could be the os in the tit card is rong as i have it at 1.06 or that my elvis presley will not do the last rite to the card e,g the bin you make up with your bk in. Maybe the cristal is rong in mr presley, anyways ive given up m8.

Cheers for your help.
@partycan the crystal could up shite creek without a paddle, but initially try another winexplorer ini, i'll see if ive got one.....

also not too familair with WIN ME but have you tried running it under win98 compatibility mode, that is if it exists on there.
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Your problems will def be in the settings /config on winexplorer. Make sure you select the phoenix option from the config options. If it isn't there then your problem is with the winexporer.ini file.

I myself never used an elvis with winexplorer so cannot comment on the compatibility. Hope this helps
Cheers lads, just got the winexp of Logic_187 so i will give it a nouther go only was at it on and off all yesterday chap's and allmost dune it only me thinck's me elvis wont work with winexp, i dont no as it was the first time yesterday i have tryed it with the elvis.
I recon the cristal in the elvis isent the right one at it only thincks its in phoenix.
Arso i can say that only one i tryed out of 3 winexp's i have download had the option for tit and phoenix the other 2 i tryed dident have the option in the settings but ive lost the first one i downloaded . Any ways i have one last go with the one Logic_178 has gave me and see wot hapens.

Cheers m8 for that.