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Jun 4, 2005
anyone see her performance last night,what an absolute tosser.She can't sing as she's bladdered, her hair piece kept slipping,one of her support singers had to hold her up as she almost fell over and when she went to the crowd she punches two or three of them for allegedly touching her hair,total knacker,she'll be dead in a couple of years.

Performance, wot a performance.


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Jul 5, 2001
Yeah i saw it too m8,was a shame cuz she is a good singer and last night was a complete mess and it was embarrassing to watch


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Aug 29, 2001
I didn't see Glastonbury but I saw the Mandela performance
I wasn't over impressed with that though

shame really coz she is a talented lady long road is recovery :(


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Mar 29, 2006
She shouldn't have really been let out off hospital
Unfortunatley for her you can't be kept in hospital against your own will (unless you are sectioned in a mental hospital, which would probably help her out!)


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Mar 29, 2005
They reckon that between songs she launched a tirade of abuse about Kanye West - on the radio they said it was just lucky that it was being delayed broadcast otherwise she would have lawyers crawling all over her for what she was saying!! She has lost the plot completely and no doubt will end up dead before too long unless someone can lock her away for her own good!!


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Apr 15, 2006
Amy Winehouse 'lashes out' at fan

Amy Winehouse 'lashes out' at fan
By Ian Youngs
Music reporter, BBC News at Glastonbury

Amy Winehouse has returned to the stage at the Glastonbury Festival and appeared to throw a punch at a fan.

She lashed out at someone who tried to grab her hair as she finished her set alongside fans in front of the stage, her spokesman said.

She was followed by US rapper Jay-Z, who gave a triumphant performance to win over critics who claimed a hip-hop act should not headline the festival.

Other stars on a mostly sunny Saturday included Duffy and Massive Attack.

Winehouse's one-hour performance was her first full UK show for seven months.

It drew a huge crowd to the Pyramid Stage but split opinion among fans. Her spokesman said at least 75,000 people watched and that organisers had never seen the field so full.

"The 'lashing out' was when someone tried to grab her hair and she reacted," the spokesman said.

But footage of the incident did not clearly show what provoked her lunge.

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Jay-Z performs Oasis' Wonderwall

The Grammy-winning singer was on fine form and in good voice for most of the set, going some way to dispelling fears about her health.

She jumped down into the security pit for the last two songs, separated from the fans by a crush barrier.

"Thanks for your support," she told them earlier, as she performed tracks such as Cupid, Rehab and Tears Dry on Their Own.

"I really enjoyed it - I've never seen her live before and I thought it was really good," said one fan, 18-year-old Lucinda Whitehead.

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Duffy was among acts on the Other Stage

But Laura Bradley, 24, said: "It's a shame the crowd didn't appreciate her. They were slagging her off."

There appeared to be a smaller crowd for Jay-Z, but he was greeted by chants and cheers.

The New York hip-hop star fired up the crowd with an introduction that included a BBC interview in which Oasis star Noel Gallagher said hip-hop was "wrong" for Glastonbury.

Jay-Z then took the stage to the strains of the Oasis hit Wonderwall.

"So they say you guys didn't want me here to be here tonight," he said.

"They said you guys weren't into hip-hop." The crowd responded by chanting his name to show their support.

A placard from Shakin' Stevens fans mocked Jay-Z's song 99 Problems

"Thanks for all the love here tonight," the star added, saying Glastonbury had "embraced my culture".

"This is a beautiful moment, I'm glad to share it with each and every one of you," he said.

The crowd went wild for the star's hits including 99 Problems, Hard Knock Life and Encore.

He seemed to succeed in winning over the many festival-goers who were unsure about his appearance.

Indie fan James Lucas, 26, wearing a Charlatans T-shirt, said: "It wasn't my bag – but yes, he was very, very good.

"I don't understand the controversy about Jay-Z," singer Lily Allen said

"When you see people at the top of their game, it's worth it."

Tom O'Shea, 27, from Neath, said it marked "a new era" for the festival.

"It breaks down boundaries and he was amazing in what he did," he said. "He's the best rapper in the world."

Jay-Z's set sampled songs by U2, Estelle, Rihanna, Amy Winehouse and the Jackson Five.

But one disappointment was the lack of any surprise guests.

His wife Beyonce, Coldplay star Chris Martin, NERD's Pharrell Williams, LinkinPark, Rihanna and Winehouse had all been rumoured to be joining him on stage.

Earlier acts on the main stage on Saturday included Crowded House, Manu Chao, The Raconteurs and Shakin' Stevens.

The sun shone for most of the day, drying out mud that was created by rain on Thursday and Friday.

Some 172,000 people were on site by Saturday morning, police said.

Crime has almost doubled compared with the same stage last year, with 342 reported offences, up from 177 in 2007. Much of that increase is down to a rise in thefts from tents.

Linkin Park are playing in Dusseldorf this evening so not likely to make Glastonbury. I would be disappointed if I was going to a "rock" festival and the headliner was a hip-hop artist but it's good to have different genres of music mixed. Maybe he should have had an earlier slot.
Stu, Reading, UK

Rappers ruined Top of the Pops and now they will ruin Glastonbury.
John Edmonds, Newquay, UK

John - it's funny how you blame everything on rappers. Jay-Z hasn't even performed yet and everyone is saying a hip-hop act shouldn't be headlining the festival. Why don't you lot give him a chance; and it's better to allow different music at Glastonbury. Jay-Z is definitely going to be one of the best performers.
Steve, London, UK

John - what a sad, silly statement. This is an exchange of cultures, a fun event and Jay-Z will appeal to many people because he is extremely popular; some will "gag", sure, but there is so much to do there. It's about love - show Jay-Z some respect, open your ears, enjoy Glastonbury.
Bern, Sarasota, US

Why is Amy Winehouse still allowed to play at Glastonbury and the Nelson Mandela concert? She is clearly... a bad role-model and yet is being promoted as "troubled". Let's stop promoting these people until they are "clean" and stop "hero-worshipping" them. All she does is sing. She hasn't saved the world or done anything worthwhile.
Stuart, Los Angeles, US

Yes, but man can she sing. Lennon didn't save the world, neither did Dylan. My role-models are teachers, not rock stars or actors.
Marcel, Canada

"All she does is sing." Yes precisely, that's why she was booked for Glastonbury, just like all the other artists. No-one's "hero-worshipping" her, when will all her critics get that through their heads? Who else on the bill has "saved the world"?! It's a music festival for God's sake! The mind boggles.
AK, London, UK

I agree with Stuart from LA. Please let's stop idolising and promoting negative role-models - and then we wonder why kids aspire to be like them? Cognitive dissonance, folks. We're losing our minds and we even don't care to notice.
Janice, USA

Stuart - what are you on about? So what if she's a bad role-model? How many musicians are good role-models these days? If we only allowed people on stage that didn't drink too much, never took drugs, didn't swear, fornicate or any of the others things synonymous with the music biz (and to be fair much of modern society), we'd be sat there listening to Julie Andrews all day long. In fact, maybe not ever her.
Paul, York, UK

When did you last save the world, Stuart? She's a SINGER, not a superhero/cabinet minister... And J Edmonds, what will ruin Glastonbury is people who fail to acknowledge that diversity in music is a strength. Not only has the festival long hosted a range of hip-hop acts, but anyone who has actually been will understand that there are 10 or so headliners at any one time, including the sort of anodyne dross that I'm sure you enjoy.
Tom, Providence, US

Amy Winehouse gives us joy and pleasure. I for one can't wait to see her. I salute her efforts to perform during this time in her life and she is a world-class act.
Ilan, The Netherlands

I went to every Glasto that was held in the '90s. During that time I saw (deep breath) De La Soul (twice, first time 1990!), Cypress Hill, the Roots, Michael Franti, Black Eyed Peas, Asian Dub Foundation, the Stereo MCs, Common and many more. It is emphatically NOT just a "rock" festival.
Martin Woollacott, Ashburton, UK

This row about Jay-Z is utterly ridiculous. For a start, Glastonbury did NOT start exclusively as a rock festival anyway. It has always had diverse acts, it's not about the music and I find it very hard to believe that considering he is one of the biggest selling artists in the world, nobody wants to see him. Oasis always were nothing but a totally retro pub-rock band anyway and their attitude is indicative of the narrow-minded viewpoint that is indie music and which has been prevalent for over a decade now.
Jon, London, UK

Glastonbury isn't just about rock. It's about music. Yes, most of the time "white" bands play there, and Jay-Z isn't white and doesn't make rock music. But then nor is Amy Winehouse (rock) and nor is Kate Nash (rock) nor Massive Attack nor Will Young. Jay-Z is a world famous musician, producer and yes "rapper" and deserves his slot at Glastonbury. And he will sure rock!
Reena, London, UK

Glastonbury (in the past few years) has not really been a "rock concert". It's more of a pop concert, with all different types of genres. If you want a rock concert then why do the whingers not go to Download or Reading?
Iain, Watford, UK

Glastonbury is a music festival not a rock festival. It's about quality not genre. Orbital, Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx etc have all headlined there and rocked it. Even Kylie was meant to headline the other year! If I was there this year Jay-Z would be top of my list to see. I hope all the little music snobs who only want to hear rock/indie don't ruin it for everyone else tonight...
Andrew, Oxford, UK

I just hope Jay-Z doesn't get bottled off - that would be embarrassing, not only for Glastonbury, but for future "non-guitar"-based artists thinking about playing UK festivals.
Toby, Southampton, UK

I wish people would remember that these are all musicians, whether you like them or not. Their personal lives are not why we listen to them (unless we relate to lyrics based on their experiences). Forget the tabloid mentality of "build them up and tear them down". As for "clean" artists, I'm with Bill Hicks on this one: almost all the artists promoting themselves as "clean, Christian, family-friendly" and so on are really, really dull to listen to. Jay-Z is OK, especially with Linkin Park. Even though I detest most rap, hip-hop, R&B or urban - because it doesn't address the issues in my life or concern me - I like musicians who play instruments and compose their own music over those who sample the work of others and have a crew of people going "woooah" in the background! The music they create is worthwhile in itself.
Cargo, Bristol, UK

To be fair, all popular music put on at Glastonbury is pretty diabolical. Mostly hackneyed dross that only sounds like watered down songs from the sixties. Massive Attack are good, though.
Edward Clayton, Warwick, UK

It's a shame to see visitors to a festival as expressive, inclusive and welcoming as Glastonbury being so narrow-minded about a hip-hop act. Jay-Z is a phenomenal rapper and more importantly, a hugely talented musician in his own right. I think, and indeed hope, that the bizarre prejudice that has been displayed from some quarters of the media and from Glastonbury attendees will vanish tonight when Jay-Z puts on an immense show full of incredible songs.
Ian Moreno-Melgar, Sheffield, UK

I've been going to Glastonbury since I was a baby. This was the first year I could have gone without my parents and two things put me off. Jay-Z is awful he doesn't belong here and the tickets are too expensive - in recent years the festival is more concerned with making money than putting on a good show Bring back the decent bands, crowds of hippies and lenient gate staff and I'll be happy.
Jasper Wells, Taunton, UK

Amy was great last night [at the Mandela gig], but clearly in bad shape physically, and worse shape mentally. Sadly, I think this will be the last good Glasto. It is clearly going downhill and has lost its status. Pity, I loved it in the '80s and '90s.
David, Uxbridge, UK

Regardless of whether you are a rap fan, rock fan or pop fan, music should be something that brings every one of us together. Jay-Z has sold 50 million albums worldwide, which I am sure is more then some artists put together that are performing at Glasto. All you Jay-Z haters get over yourself and be thankful that he would want to come and perform for you!
Mike, Surrey, UK

What's the big problem with having a rap act headline a so-called rock music festival?! I always thought festivals were a celebration of music, regardless of its genre. Have people failed to realise that Will Young is also on the bill at Glastonbury - not really your typical rock 'n' roll act, is he? I remember when Public Enemy headlined the Reading Festival back in 1992 and there was never this kind of reaction to a rap act on a rock festival bill. Plus they totally blew people away with an incredible performance. Surely we shouldn't be judging anything until after Jay-Z has played. I think we may all be a little surprised.
Darren, Worthing, UK

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/06/29 01:57:15 GMT



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Aug 12, 2003
just watched her on you tube she was well out of it, like somebody said she will be dead soon.


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Dec 26, 2006
Watched this too, couldn't make out if the sound system was setup correctly as she was quite quiet but she also mumbled alot.

Liked the idea of The Specials tribute, did she live next door to Terry Hall???

Painful to watch, but i watched it...


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Nov 8, 2004
What a complete and utter fu**in shambles she was clearly out of her tree big time and she definitely punched a few fans, her crack addled voice is shot and i'm afraid to say there will probably only be one road for miss winehouse and that's to the cemetery.

P.S. can you tell i've got a hangover today LOL



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Jun 24, 2005
i must admit it was Painful to watch, but i watched it because i believe she is talented but blimey she was utterly waisted i thought she was going to fall over at one point some of the time she didnt know where she was, as for her lashing out i wouldnt exactly call it that but i felt something was going to happen once she got so near the croud, its a real shame because like i say i think she has got talent.

I watched jay -z also think he went down ok as well after all the hype, not sure if rap should be there but hey who am i to say.


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Jul 20, 2005
Just seen a live interview on Sky News with a Glastonbury official, he said that the fan tried to grab her tits, lol

What tits?


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Apr 2, 2007
In my opinion she's a total nut..

If you come of the stage and go to the fans, you should be expect to be touched, hugged, shake hands, some banter etc.


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Apr 28, 2008
She is obviously on a mision to self destruct, let her get on with it. I did love seeing Eddy Grant the other night though


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Jan 31, 2007
at the end of the day these people have paid good money to watch these acts, she is just a selfish cow!