Phone Unlocking What site can i unlokc my k800i


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Dec 14, 2006
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Hi does any1 know any other websites then .. to unlock k800i ?
You'll have to wait.
NONE of the servers are working atm. Sony has put a stop to all of the dongles that we were using. This applies to all of the hardware solutions aswell.

$12.99? do you know anybody that has unlocked their phone using this server.

Its less than half the trade price for the unlock servers. This price sounds about right to de-brand the phone only (finalize).
Some say it came back online early this morning, others say it has gone down again (davinci and UB users. Setool never went back online).

I would still check about the $13 though. If they are unlocking DB2020 for that then all other solutions will never compete.
who knows when the server will be back up.. davinche is still down?
hey people is there any softwere that could unlock by usb data cable coz data cable with phone and software as well but that not unlock one. hlp