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What classifies as a post count?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Xfiles2007, Jan 5, 2017.

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  1. Xfiles2007

    Xfiles2007 New Member


    im new to the forum

    what classifies as a post count ?
  2. lescantle

    lescantle Member

    Just post a good question and help will come your way or help others,Pretty easy really
  3. sneaker

    sneaker VIP Member

    [MENTION=318025]Xfiles2007[/MENTION] You just made a post and a thread, I assume You mean 5 useful posts. This is decided by admin/mods and I think it's if You share something to help another Member, or to start a thread about something You think might be of interest to the rest of the forum Members. Personally I think this is a useful question, thread and post. :)

    Just for Your information once You get You 5 posts in, You can post almost anything and get away with it (it's all in the rules thread), DW really is an easy going forum.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
  4. little_pob

    little_pob Jr Admin Staff Member

    It's 24 hours after you hit 5 posts.

    This allows staff to remove any posts they think have been made just to get the members post count up... Which I have just done to 4 of yours. (Normally notification of posts being deleted would be sent via PM.)

    For the record; posts of thanks, as well as questions like will this work on xyz, and is this file still available are examples of post clocking (especially on old threads).
  5. IANB

    IANB VIP Member

    As this question has been answered in detail by Little_pob I will close this thread as if open it will attract post clocking .
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