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Other What cheap heats ink paste, need a LOT !!!!

Discussion in 'General Computer Topics' started by bilabonic, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. bilabonic

    bilabonic VIP Member

    Hi All

    I'm doing an overall of some of my bitcoin miners and the main pcb boards that holds the asic chis (that get hot) are 'sandwiched' between 2 heat large heatsinks.

    The board that needs new heat sink paste is about 12"x6" so a large area !!

    I also have about 10 or 12 boards to do.

    Can anyone recommend a paste that will cover all of this, pretty sure the stuff they use is generic cheap stuff..

    Can you buy it in tubs/pots as a a syringe won't get me far...lol

  2. Spectre

    Spectre Active Member Staff Member

    120-2. WAKEFIELD SOLUTIONS, Heat Sink Compound, Silicone, Oil Based, Container, 2oz | Farnell element14

    Have you considered TIM pads?

    You don't need much paste.
  3. bilabonic

    bilabonic VIP Member

  4. Spectre

    Spectre Active Member Staff Member

    Ah... Do you need paste or adhesive? Thermal adhesive isn't too cheap. If you need to sink multiple ICs on one PCB it would be neater to have a stock heatsink and then clamp the PCB to it and use paste but if the PCB doesn't have provisions to provide adequate pressure there will be problems. Is that what you are planning?

    TIM pads are conductive materials that don't make a mess and you might be able to cover the whole PCB with one :). Need some clamping force between sink and chip though.

    Thermal Pads | Farnell element14
  5. bilabonic

    bilabonic VIP Member

    The board that the chips are soldered to already have TIM pad, BUT the otherside needs new paste, whats the cheapest stuff i can remove the old paste, it has even hardened in places ?

  6. little_pob

    little_pob Jr Admin Staff Member

    Isopropyl alcohol + lint free cloth is the method I'd use for removing old thermal grease. It's not quite as cheap as distilled water, but is the safer method IMO.

    Another method is an electrical contact cleaner, such as this one: Electronic Contact Cleaner - WD-40 Specialist but it's about £7 a can.
  7. chookey

    chookey VIP Member

    Nail polish remover also works well. Wait till the wife /daughter is out :proud:
  8. little_pob

    little_pob Jr Admin Staff Member

    It does; but can leave an oily residue. (As will white spirits and cheap vodka.)

    Whilst that's probably not a problem here, it's definitely not recommended for anyone overclocking ;)

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