were to buy a t911

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I bought a blue nexus here but they also do the modded t911. Cheap and only took 4 days to deliver from HK.
For most revisions (except rom 10 a86) the nexus or t911 or blue nexus are all fine. If you want to tackle rom 10 a86 you may need to think about a ubomb (jabs).
reading through the tuts on the nexus orange and the modded t911 (clear case) , i notice the power required for the nexus is 9v to 12v , and the t911 is 9v or are they both the same voltage , ie would i b able to use my spare broadband power supply on a t911 , just wondering if anyone here is using the clear case modded t911 with one as dont want to plug it in and naff it up
i use the modem power supply all time on my t911 and nexus and my card programmers. Work well.

thx tmc , just wanted to make sure that it would be ok , now just have to wait for my t911 to arrive