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Jan 19, 1999
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hi everyone as we have relaunched the console section i have added this section as its something i am interested in myself :)

weather you all know it or not but many people are making there own arcade machines.... yes its true i have not made one myself but i will try to in the near future (after christmas) but its very advanced and most people choose the MAME system....

for example you can run it on a windows (XP / 2000 / 98 / 95) machine and have that sit inside your very own arcade machine you need to add the buttons and stuff all yourself and you can use special controllers that do this, and the magic part id you cac create (or downlaod) a frontend that stops the actual windows from ever showing and you use the joystick to pick your games, and games are available all over the internet (just google rom downloads and see ;)

i have been playing with MAME for a laugh without the frontend and on my PC.... its amazing

i have been hooked to PANG, newzealend story, sf2, rtype, bubble bublle... etc etc like i was a kid again lol

i will be adding MAME to the downlaods section in the next few hours if you guys are interested in a look...

it would be great if someone who actually has made an arcade machine could tell us more for example here is an ebay link to what you could make yourself!

so let me get this right you make up a cabinet how ever you want it to look and bang in a avarage pc and you can stop it showing windows??

this sounds a grate ider for the kids bedroom as i download all the old sega roms like sonic and all that and just play them on the pc but just emagine the look on the kids frends faces when thay see an arcade in the bedroom
i will be having a go at building one of them
yeah its a special front end for MAME

this allows you to bypass windows and boot up the MAME console and you use a joystick to pick the game to play you can have thousands of games as its a PC running it and i think i read the whole roms that our out there can fit on a 40GB (every game) ????, and what i also read was that you just add a wireless mouse and keyboard and if you need to add more games or sort it out you dont even need to open the box (tops or what)

i think getting the buttons to work is probably the most difficult... anyway will have a complete ebook in the next few days, so ill post some more on weekend.

Mickie D
look forward to the ebook . could always do some thing with my old tracker ball
for the controls
and make it a 2 player game
and put a 20p slot in the front lol

0 thats it now i got loads of iders running round in my head lol
I used to trade in old arcade machines, most ardcade cabs have a 'JAMMA' connector ( a long plug that connects the video, sound & controls ) to the game pcb, im sure i have the wiring diag somewhere for a jamma connector or you could do a search on google ,I'll post it up if I find it.
All you have to do is wire the rgb out, the sound & the joypad controls to the releveant wires on the connector, you can buy the plugs that go into them from arcade parts suppliers.
The only problems with arcade cabs is that they are very heavy & come in all sizes, if your thinking of buying an empty cabinet, make sure it will fit thought ur front door.
I went the other way round and wired a arcade pcb/neo-geo board to my tv, worked really well !!

If anyone wants anymore info on arcade cabs etc.. just pm me I'll be glad to help as much as I can


Heres a pic of a Jamma 'fingerboard' that plugs into the cabnets wiring harness.

If your pretty ok with a soldering iron, it shouldnt take you long to get ur console/pc up & running in a arcade cabinet.
i like the I-PAC device ;) it plugs through a keyboard PS2 and allows you to still plug a keyboard though it aswell ;)


and you dont need to solder either ;)

Mickie D
after reading your posts correctly wavey lol, i see thats for the jamma machines :).... looks good as everywhere i have looked i found that people want the jamma machines :)

Mickie D
Hi all i have been looking for years for a amiga emulator with anco's player manager on it does anyone know if there is one around, i have donloaded loads of amiga emus for my xbox but none have player manager on them

Can anyone help??
whats the best wood used for this project ?

i can get veneered MDF pretty cheap or is this a no no and there is prefered wood ?

thinking about making this in the next few weeks now as my son and me have been playing a few games (on PC) and he thinks its a great idea (he would lol)
i would go for mdf to as the old arcade games were chip board and verry heavy and mdf is easy to paint but as you are going for vineered that would look smart could have your game machine on a barge and it would not look out of place
Hi, can someone tell me where all the emulators are in this forum, because i can only see 2 threads in this forum.
Thank You.
sorry m8 emulators are not here yet but im sure thay soon will be
hi chaos boy we are currently jsut opening the emulators section and we still need time to get it right

i have added a section to the downloads (link at top of forum) this will soon be populated with emulators

i have also been reading about hosting old retro roms aswell and maybe we will have a roms section aswell... but may need permission from old game manufacturers etc.

back on topic .... i was going to stain the veneered mdf in black to get the look of the arcade machines.. i want it to look the part :),
Old roms are a grey area. I used to have lots of links, but then they started to go down like the torrent sites. Must look into it again.

I've got lots of Sega, NES, SNES and GBA Roms that I can share.