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Feb 25, 2007
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Hi all ....
16:9...slightly elongated (but full picture)
4:3(LB) perfect..(but i hate the thick black lines top and bottom)
4:3 (PS) zooms in way too much and dont get full pic (more noticeable on credits)

none of these formats are perfect!!
i want a 4:3 without the black lines !!
or 16:9 that aint stretched !!
wot format do u guys use ??

Well happy with the 16.9 on me 32 widescreen lcd dont realy bother with the others as this suits me Everyone to there own. Hate those black lines me self
i have a 37 wide lcd hd tv..but 16:9 is very slightly but annoyingly stretched(top to bottom).
i will get to the bottom of it ..if it kills me lol.
Allthough the d box may be the best invention in the world to us . I beleive the pic out put to be second rate. I have tried every image available plentifull scart to this and scart to that but never been happy with the pic on me lcd Was well happy with the pic on me old telly .....May have to jump to Dreambox they rekkon quality is A 1 on these but also probs scanning with them We live and learn Fergal any pointers how to get the best results out of the D box to LCD many thanx ................Paul
yeah..noticed myself...pic is blocky...ish on lcd...

i have used many images ..commando 7.5 (usin newcam) seems the clearest upto now.
any more input from other lcd users would be great .
I have a 32" LCD and on some channels (paramount, from memory) the picture is quite poor - still better than the official NTL box though...
Its all down to the amount of bandwidth that the channel has. BBC etc have the full whack on digital either DVB-t or c. The peripheral channels have a lot less and are more prone to pixelisation. LCD tv usually emphisise this. Until we have an HD Dbox or dreambox we're kinda stuck with it.
Its also possible to botch a HD picture with a too low datarate.