Very odd!!


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Oct 31, 2005
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Hi there.

Before i start, i have spent a good time looking around this forum, and this problem seems to have happened to alot of peeps.
I have 2 Nokia 2 chip type boxes. 2 x Avia 500 to be exact.
I used IFA, and although the flashing process begun to start, both boxes went in to standby mode shortly after the flash process begun, and now 1 box says kein system(wrong image indication i think?), and the other is stuck in "loading sportster".
I can't ping to the boxes specified ip addresses, but the computer network can detect the connection.
This is odd!!
The PC can see the null modem connection, but very rarely sees the ethernet, and when it does, ifa throws up an error in the progress pane.
Am i trying to flash the wrong image??
I have tried sportster x2 image.
When i downloaded sportster in 4 parts, i unpacked part 1 so i had five files in all in the source folder, 4 winrar packed, and part 1 unpacked.

Am i doing the right thing please??

Sorry to play an old record here.

Thanks in advance.

im guessing here but if you have rar files in 4 parts they are usually linked i.e. theyve split the archive into 4 bits so when you extract one of them it extracts from the 4 of them hence you wil ldiscover if you take one of the rar files and put it somewhere else when you extract it wil lask for the location of the one you moved.

sorry cant help on the other bit havent a clue yet sorry.
yes thats right you only need to unrar one part and when unrared it should be about 7mb.
are you using a null modem cable and xover cable?
Thanks for quick replies lads.

Am using an older gav one, and yes i am using a null modem, and crossover cable.

Perhaps i should tru using the new gav file??

The ip address of the box is
I set the network card to, and could ping to the box before i started.

I know that ifa can be a pain, and patience is needed.

Cheers for your help.

Any other thaughts welcome.

IFA is the answer but if you get stuck i use flash fxp ,a lot of people tell you dont bother with it but i have never had any problem with it am using gav latest image and have not had any problem with it
hi m8..first the kien system error is because you have flashed a 1x image on a 2x box or vice versa...also if flash was correct version it may have been a bad flash corrupted image etc...secondly your other problem abt box not pinging using IFA is a known issue it will always say that but should be working as long as the LCD states flashing...when you say the IFA method is not picking up the ethernet connection there is a reason ...first disable any other networks such as wireless etc ..then right click on yours and go to options and make sure you set it to 10mbp/half duplex...if this is not set then it will not pick up your ethernet connection...only reason I know is it happened to me ..and I nearly through laptop
Thanks for the quick responses again lads.

With reference to the chipset, the boxes have 2 intel flash devices in them, so i am definetly using the correct image(x2)

Will try later tonight after work, and post my results.

Thanks again.


Forgot to mention that i can no longer ping the box using windows dos command prompt.
Network settings are correct!

Without a working image on the box there is nothing which can answer pings.
Hardware alone cannot answer pings.

Thanks for that my friend.

Learn something new everyday.

Bit of a releif there :))


All working now.

Thanks for all your help.

Ford..:Cheers: :Cheers:
same problem

hi ford,

i was just wondering how long it took you before you managed to get your dbox working again, ive been at it for the last 2 days and theres no joy! i just cant seem to get it to flash with the correct image!
hi, ive been trying to flash with a sportster image 2X with IFA recovering from a kein system error.

ive been using a crossover cable, but is it worth while trying to use a null modem cable?
I strongly recommend a null modem cable as you can see whats going on, and you have a much higher success rate.

Also, the new IFA (version 2.0) says this, if you say that you havent connected a null modem cable:

"This method is unreliable! Good flashing is only possible via a null modem cable".