Using sky router on talktalk internet?


DW Regular
Aug 16, 2003
Hi guys
I switched from virgin to sky broadband just over a year ago. (Not fibre)
Initially I had issues with low speeds (some times a slow as 0.5 mbs never higher than 5mbs)

Sky and BT Openreach and eventually sorted it, when they gave me sky tv foc.

Switched to talk talk a couple of weeks ago and am having similar issues. (there no increase for duration of contract attracted me)
had one talk talk engineer out and one openreach, Spent hours on live chat with their tech dept, making adjustments to router settings and they are sending another engineer tomorrow.

Can I connect my sky router, or will the broadband not work with it?
Or if anyone has any other ideas I would be grateful.

I did ask tech guy to turn my speed up twice but he just kept saying that when the fault was identified and fixed then my signal would be ok.