USB on XP Pro not working


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May 28, 2005
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I have installed XP onto my machine and now the USB slots are not recognising any hardware. I have a legit copy of the software with SP2. The attached devices power up but are not showing on the system. With Win2k everything was working fine.
Any assistance would be appreciated.
right click on my computer then go to properties the on the tab hardware then device manager if you have any yellow question marks then right click then update drivers this should sort your problem out if not then right click one then properties then drivers then roll back drivers if this dont sort it out m8 then go to the windows website and have a read m8 took me a while to sort mine out but got there in the end
Did you have the items attached during your install of XP? Best to go and get latest drivers for each item, unplug them, install driver, then re-attach device. That should then detect item correctly and work ok. Also, is it USB2.0 your talking about? In which case make sure you have the latest driver for the controller from your mobo manufacturers web site.

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