TX Presents SX Installer v2.0.0 - Now with Firmware Upgrade/Downgrade Support!


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May 2, 2005
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TX is back with a major update to your favorite SX Installer app!

And with the release of v2.0.0 that means a lot of very nice new features.

  • Added XCI installation
  • Added on-the-fly standard crypto install
  • Standard crypto conversion hard drops minimum firmware requirement
  • Added socket.json for fine tuning socket settings
  • Added system firmware version check before installing
  • Added google drive directory and file support
  • Plugging in USB cable without SX Server no longer hangs SX Installer
  • Added ability to reset minimum version nag in the application record.
  • Fixed an out of memory crash.
  • Added stability for 8.1.0 firmware.
  • Improved Korean Translations.
  • Added firmware installation.
  • Added dropbox support. url syntax: dropbox:/token:[email protected]/
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes..
  • Enabled compression on database files.
  • Added hosts for custom host entries.
  • Fixed game launching.
  • Improved stability.
  • Added ability to install save game at time of install.
    (unzips titleid.zip in the NSP to the games save)
  • Added ability to install save games from zip files.
    (title id must be in brackets i.e. "doom fix [010018900DD00000].zip)"
  • Fixed error installing certain titles over USB.
  1. Start up your SX Installer v2.0.0 app
  2. Scroll down to 'file browser' on left-hand menu.
  3. Press A to enter.
  4. Press X to add 'NEW' location.
  5. Select HTTPS under Protocol (A, then stick down few times, then A again)
  6. On same screen under HOST enter 'repo.xecuter.rocks' (A, enter text, OK)
  7. Finally press 'X' to SAVE your new location.
  8. Once save, quit your SX Installer app.
  9. Restart your SX Installer app
That's it!
You should now see 'system updates' if your Switch is running on older firmware than current released Nintendo firmware, from this new menu item you can go and upgrade your firmware.

If you wish to downgrade, scroll down to 'file browser', open the new location you added 'repo.xecuter.rocks' and from there you can copy an older install firmware package to your sdcard or open it direct (not recommended as its slower).

New The zip on 'sx portal' website been silently updated, only tiny minor bug fix, it now contains an 'empty' cache folder/directory.

If you had issues with running sx installer, mainly the listing of homebrew store being 'blank', then make sure on your sdcard you have an 'switch/sx/cache' folder as currently sx installer still writes a few files there.
Developer thought the usage of 'cache' folder was removed, but it seems it still needed at least for the 'homebrew store'.