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Aug 16, 2005
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Yer maw!!!
Just a quick question - if I use toxic to program my atmega, will it work like my funcard 4 does or is it one of the methods everyone is having problems with?


Can I not just make up a flash using rst gen, then write the new ntl hex? (Remember this is an atmega136 card)
nthell - I managed to get the box to accept the card - but now its just black.
If I pm my bk n ird to someone will the make the files 4 me, cos I must be doing something wrong - AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH!!!!:silly:
r u suggesting that someone make you the files every key roll because thats what you will have to do with the atmegas???

follow the tut you must add the keys manually at the bottom of the toxic screen. that is the only difference it is also why you have a blank screen

BTW whats the point of double posting - you were getting the appropriate answers in you other thread!!!!
Sorry bout the double post, but it disappeared into obscurity, then someone answered me - thanks for the help guys, fingers crossed.
if u are gettin a blank screen thru ur atmega then it cud b that ur pub keys r on 0's.

now that the atmega's stopped AU u will hav 2 manually change the pub keys thru toxic external flash generator
with atmega's your looking for a blank screen before it updates . some take a little while . if its pure ntl then doubt if it will but with whats gong on you never know . cc's are definatly playing around with card update mods trying to stop us watching the 3 hour xmas eastenders special lol . not a chance .
just get a mosc. i got 1 :p on smellywest. let me know if u want quick codes