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May 17, 2009
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Hi guys
I've got a 3GS on ios4. I've got a car holder with frequency changer and charger. It has a lead I can plug into the headset jack on the phone and the holder and it's supposed to send calls thru the the car stereo but it's so quiet it's not worth it.but the music from my iPhone is spot on. Any ideas guys
now then i had same probs tried a few different types of charger none were any good for routing calls in the end i fitted a parott ls3200 now i run iphone tom tom & music thru the jack with calls auto routed thru the bluetooth parott works a treat. plus ya get a nice music mute to voice direction.....only ever got calls to work reliably thru bluetooth.......ps i tried the tomtom in car kit, what a waste of time no improvement in gps reception & the call quality via the inbuilt speaker was pants, plus it's totally over priced ....
I downloaded Tomtom europe and will rely on it in Spain to move around as I have a 1h drive from the airport to the house we rented.

is gps reception good?

stupid question, but tomtom don't use internet for routes does it?
i have been using tom tom for 6 months now & found it very good..in town centers it can have slight reception probs but no more than my full blown garmin handheld. tall buildings block all gps signals, so if you are stationary in the building shadow you will lose reception but if on the move will be minimal. will def need to be on charge in the car as gps functions are power hungry.would def recomend using a windscreen mount for best reception but check that your car does not have a coated screen ie renault as these cause problems...
europe maps are very good, used across germany france holland & top of italy no problems at all........ ps maps are loaded on the phone, will work without 3g or even phone signal......
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