Thomas v6.02


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Dec 1, 2006
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Anyone managed to get the tomtom v6.02 working?? cz mine says map not found etc...
yep, 6.02 works OK, bit hit and miss though and may depend on the PDA and what was previously installed.
hi mate 6.02 works fine for me if you are getting map not found enusre your maps fodler i.e Guam is located in the root of sd card all maps must be placed in level down from root of sd card i.e sdcard\Guam if they located in a sub folder i.e. sdcard\guam\guam then tomtom is unable to locate the maps
I've got TomTom One GB v2.

I'm trying to upgrade it to version 6.

There's a version 6.20 with crack and there's a v6.02. Which version works with the product I have? Read that the 6.20 is for the US version?

Secondly, how do I install / upgrade it. I've got a second SD card available to do this.

Does anyone have an image of the basic setup with version 6 I could use? I can add the UK map later and other stuff.